Colorado River Report - March 25, 2021

Colorado River Report

March 25, 2021


FLOW: 520 cfs (Near State Bridge)



THE LOW DOWN: Having some cooler temps tomorrow, bug activity might be a little slow until the warmer weather hits this weekend. Since the Colorado is not as deep around this time of year, wading isn’t a bad idea! Using a Stone fly, pheasant tail or hares ear as a attractor and following up with a midge will work. After the weather warms up we will lose a bit of water clarity, using bigger stone fly patterns and worms should help. 

Appropriate Patterns  

DRIES: Extended Body BWO 20-22, Griffith Gnat 18-22, Trailing Shuck Midge 18-22, Parachute Adams 18-22

NYMPHS: WD40 Olive/Grey 20-24, RS2 Olive/Grey 20-24, Zebra Midge Olive/Black 20-24, Black Beauty 20-24, Morgan’s Midge 20-24, Copper John Black 16-18, Hares Ear 16-18, Pheasant Tail 16-18

STREAMERS:  Slump Buster Black/Olive, Double Thin Mint Olive, Baby Gonga, Wooley Bugger Black/Olive

HINTS: With the cooler temps we have been seeing look for deep slow pools where trout will be feeding on nymphs near the bottom. Also keep an eye out for rising fish on the tail outs of the runs when your nymphing. Try swinging your nymph rig at the end of your drift to create that emerging effect.

Link to Real Time Flows:,00060


 Gore Creek